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The Art and Science of Blended Gifts

Table of Contents Blended Gifts: The How and the Why Giving Techniques: Goals Affect Combinations Actual Gifts: Assets and Timing Blended Gifts in Action Conclusion History is filled with countless examples of [...]

By |2016, Summer|

The Gift Annuity: A Revolutionary Idea in Charitable Giving

Table of Contents Partial Interest and Payout Rates: Gift Annuity Basics Simplicity Plus: Benefits for Donors Tax Consideration Gift Annuity Planning Ideas Endnotes If you know the name John Trumbull, you may [...]

By |2016, Spring|

The Story of Philanthropy

Table of Contents The Case of Dr. Keller: Wealth Replacement The Starks’ Strategy: Gifts of Retirement Benefits Krenshaw’s Dilemma: Charitable Gift Annuities Endnotes For more than a decade, StoryCorps has recorded ordinary [...]

By |2015, Fall|

Real Estate Bargain Sales: The Appeal Is Real

Table of Contents Bargain Sale Basics Donor Intent—A Gift, or Not a Gift? Allocating Basics—Gift vs. Sale Throwing a Mortgage into the Mix Like-Kind Exchanges The Appeal of Installment Sales Bargain Sale Gone Bad [...]

By |2015, Summer|

Living Happily After ATRA: Planned Giving in a “No Estate Tax” Environment

"The Future ain't where it used to be." Yogi Berra Yogi Berra is well known for his quotes. In a fitting description of his legacy on that front he once told reporters, "I really didn't [...]

By |2015, Spring|

Philanthropy for Working Professionals

Table of Contents Giving Without Depleting the Estate: A Classic "Wealth Replacement" Strategy An Unplanned yet Timely Charitable Solution: CRTs A Comprehensive Estate Plan: Charitable Gift Annuities Do you remember Life, Milton [...]

By |2014, Fall|